About Cerca Marketing

Cerca Marketing Inc. is a Ottawa full service internet marketing agency. We offer integrated web marketing services to small and medium size businesses regarding website design and development, social media marketing, Google pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization and much more that is proven to deliver results.

Our Company Focus

Cerca Marketing's focus is toward its clients and on the best way to make their company grow. We have internet experts that will work directly with your company in order to understand the scope and requirements of your particular project. Whether its search engine optimization or website development, our full service internet marketing agency will help you understand certain key elements of your project to give you a better understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

With over 15 years of direct internet campaign marketing, online marketing experience and web development, Cerca Marketing can tailor your business strategy to have the highest impact on the ever growing internet market of today  .Our dynamic approach offers clients, in both the public and private sector, proven best practices and methods to get their websites noticed and reach top Google Ranking positions. We provide full service internet marketing that will help clients achieve online lead generation and sale objectives.

Cerca Marketing's search engine optimizations will achieve success with a wide variety of search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more. Our SEO experts are Google AdWords Qualified Individuals with a large amount of experience with AdWords internet based pay per click campaigns and Google Analytics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, consult, manage, support and provide leading search engine marketing services for any business type, large or small, public or private, that will deliver desired results to our clients.

  • Cerca Marketing Inc. focuses on customer satisfaction and believes in proven measurable success results.
  • We are adamant that each client relationship is professional, dynamic, mutually beneficial and productive for both parties.
  • We believe in establishing strong communication channels between the client and our team and strive to keep our clients informed at all times.
  • We treat our clients the way they want to be treated, as partners working toward a common goal.
  • We strive to provide best customer support to our clients in both official languages English and French at all times.

Our Internet Qualified Experts

Cerca Marketing Inc. maintains a business commitment to recruit and retain high quality professional employees. We strive for performance, high quality work ethic, and efficient use of our resources. Having Google AdWord Qualified Individuals in our team promises superior quality services.