Our Team

Sylvain Charron ~ Founder, SEO & Google Expert

Sylvain Charron founded Cerca Marketing in 2006.  Sylvain`s powerful internet marketing expertise and Google savvy experience have been instrumental in driving the business rapid growth and competitive position as a leading Ottawa full service internet marketing agency.  With the mission of establishing CERCA MARKETING as a leading Ottawa full service internet marketing agency, Sylvain is responsible for business development, sales & marketing with a concentrated focus on building long term strategic relationships with clients and partners.  Sylvain holds a Business Administration with Honors in Management Information System degree from the University of Ottawa.  Sylvain is a team player and firmly believes in a well-balanced lifestyle enjoying golf and ski sports with his wife Lucie and 3 beautiful children Elly, Mattis, and Erika.

Daniel Butler ~ Senior Developer & Architect

As senior developer and co-founder, Dan is responsible for establishing Cerca Marketing technical vision & technology development.  Dan identifies development platform opportunities for delivering the company’s services, including sourcing content management systems, membership platforms, hosting solutions, project management services, email marketing solutions, web 2.0 and 3.0 innovations.  Dan possesses 15+ years in core-development system implementations and manages software development, telecommunications, and quality assurance processes.  Daniel enjoys family time at his cottage and participates actively in kids sport activities.

Amanda Langford ~ Creative Director

As creative director, Amanda is responsible for establishing Cerca Marketing creative vision & clients web site creative solutions.  Amanda identifies innovative web creative trends in web site design, and is also responsible for web design mock-ups for clients, logo design, and all traditional print and branding creative elements.  Amanda possesses 10+ years in creative web design and content management system development and leads our team in designing, developing, and launching web sites for our clients that fits client requirements and follows key usability design trends.

JP Plouffe ~ Web Developer

JP`s role at Cerca Marketing is to implement content management system web sites for our clients as per client requirements and web design specifications and features.  JP leads all development projects from hosting setup, email configurations, to file server and content management system. Having worked several years with the most prominent CMS Platforms in the industry in developing and launching dynamic web sites, membership communication platforms, and e-commerce web sites JP and the Cerca Marketing team can provide utmost development and support to our clients in a variety of web projects.  In his spare time JP enjoys playing hockey and video gaming.

Mélanie Tremblay ~ Lead Project Manager & Social Media Marketing

Melanie joined Cerca Marketing in 2009.  Melanie`s outstanding communication skills and project management experience have significantly help our team to implement rigid project management processes and ensure a two-way communication flow with our clients throughout web projects. Melanie also drives all social media marketing campaigns for our clients and implements and supports clients with Facebook, Twitter & other social media platforms. Melanie has a passion for golf, dancing, and enjoys time in social media forums such as Facebook!

Amethea Cyr ~ Web & Client Support Services

Amethea is our latest addition to our development and support team. Her role consists of supporting our clients on a day-to-day basis in providing phone, email, and on-site support to ensure client satisfaction. Amethea is bilingual and possess web development, design, and support experience in PHP, HTML, & Content Management System platform and coding environment.  Amethea enjoys spending time with family and friends in restaurants and doing fun entertaining activities during the weekend in the Ottawa area.