Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social network that has had the success of breaking into the social networking scene and surpassing its competitors all the way to its current position at the top of the social media sphere providing its services to over 500 million users. Social media sites have revolutionized the way online businesses market themselves and their products or services and Facebook offers the greatest opportunities.

Facebook provides a PPC (Pay per Click) service that focuses on the various niche markets that engage on the social network. The social site allows you to target your ads to only be viewable on specific profile pages. This service allows online business owners to market to a prequalifed demographic and increases the likelihood of a click through to the business website.  Implementing a Facebook marketing program with a PPC feature is one of the first steps an online business owner should take as a part of their social media program.

Perhaps the biggest change for social media marketing looking to improve their overall Facebook program will be incorporating Facebook features directly onto business websites. Including a Facebook link button and incorporating other popular social media function utilized by Facebook will become more commonplace. This includes allowing members to post videos, comments, pictures and more. Social media sites have revolutionized the way online businesses market themselves and their products or services. Tapping into a community that often is predisposed to your particular brand, product or service will lead to increased overall visibility. The resulting increase in traffic and conversions can quickly impact an online businesses bottom line.

Over 500 million people connect and communicate with their friends on Facebook. Facebook advertising is a cost-effective means of reaching specific demographics with targeted messaging.Cerca Marketing  can design and execute a Facebook campaign on your behalf and select your advertisements' audience by location, age, and interests. We can also design and write a Facebook Fan Page for your company with which you can build a community and deepen your relationships with your customers on Facebook by promoting interaction and two-way communication.

Contact our Ottawa social media marketing team to see how Facebook marketing and social media inclusion such as Facebook Fan Page developmentsocial media internet marketing, and internet communication and web advertising services can change the face of your business. We can make the difference.