Adwords Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Advertise your business on Google & Facebook

No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google & other search engine and platforms such as MS Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Pay only if people click your ads.

The Pay-Per-Click Management Services include:

Paid Search Engine Campaign Setup
Ad Campaign Objective Definition
Conversion Goals Setup
Campaign Web Analytics & Metrics
Keyword Development & Optimization
Ad Promo Development & Variation Testing
Ad word Competitive Bid Trends & Analysis
Pay-Per-Click Development & Management
Budget Definition & ROI Forecasting

Pay Per Click Search Engine Campaign Strategy Definition

Our AdWords Qualified Individuals will work with clients to understand their internet business objectives, goals, budget and accordingly define the pay per click search engine campaign strategy and implementation approach plan.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Research Analysis

Cerca Marketing Inc online marketing professionals will research client market segment key competitive players and assess their online presence, positioning and strategies to further gather intelligent market facts and data. This important market scope definition and analysis sets the foundation to achieve search engine campaign implementation success. Our AdWords Qualified Individuals will analyze the data and determine the market segments that have a demand and what our clients will have to implement on their website to conquer that market.

Pay Per Click Keyword Market Competitive Analysis Bid Trends & Budget Assessment

It is critical to understand the most relevant keywords to client market segments. Through market keyword research Cerca Marketing Inc. can determine what internet consumers are typing into search engines and evaluate the demand on these specific relevant keywords. By doing an in-depth analysis on the keyword demand, our team can further uderstand the internet consumer interest and drive this knowledge into our market research funnel implementation process. Keyword research will outline the search engine demand, the volume of search engine traffic relevant to the keyword, a metric competitive scale, and an understanding of what the competitive players are bidding for search engine keyword advertising. This competitive data will provide our team a base line understanding of the effort required and the budget required to best compete and rank in top position on search engines for each relevant ad group keyword campaign for our clients. In this competitive keyword research process Cerca Marketing Inc AdWords Qualified Individuals will perform keyword searches on your business top competitors to evaluate and analyze respective player's page ranking, content optimization performance and ad variations to create the search engine marketing plan. The plan consist of establishing best website design practices, standard search engine best practices to use style sheet, website dynamic html programming, website architecture, content structure, copywriting, sitemap, and link popularity.

Pay Per Click Keyword Development & Campaign Group Definition

Cerca Marketing Inc. generates an initial inventory of keywords from the client's initial market understanding, client website, competitive market research. These keywords are studied for variety of real world keyword usages through various keyword suggestion tools. New keyword inventory is categorized by their relevancy, and also through search volume analysis. Our unique permutation technique also generates additional keywords and this list will be further refined as we monitor real-world keyword performance. In regards to ad text creation, one advantage of pay-per-click advertising is that, unlike organic search results, the client has control over ad text to capture attention, motivate the user and have a message consistent with the target site but only within the limited amount of text allowed. Cerca Marketing's experience and independent point of view can be a real asset to our clients.

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