SEO Ranking Audit

Cerca Marketing will review your web site and provide a detail document analysis and findings which will have a step by step instructions where you or your web master can execute to improve SEO organic ranking.  In this analysis, you will find detail web site search engine ranking grade intelligence on your web site and your competitors.  The report will provide specific subject areas such as:

Relevant content: quality and quantity of content + how well pages draw traffic from other media sources and provide social marketing execution approach.

Optimize: it’s about maximizing your ROC, return on content so we will provide a full detail review on keywords, images, heading, inside pages, & more.

Promote: is the web site content relevant and if so, is it being promoted in key high traffic channels.

Convert & Analyze: to review the conversion implementations of the web site, and analyze your site.

This detail report in PDF will be submitting to you in where you can follow the instructions and implement our recommendations to get #1 position in search engine ranking on your relevant keyword searches.   View a client success story with #1 Google rank. You can achieve the same results by following our step-by-step implementation approach with this audit report package. Contact our full service Ottawa internet marketing agency to book your no obligation free consulting meeting.