SEO Search Engine Marketing

Our professional seo search engine marketing team will review your business website and define the key areas of development for search engine optimization. Unfortunately, most websites are only being used as online brochures. Moving your website to the top of Google, Bing, and other major search engines will transform your business to a whole new level. Cerca Marketing Inc. dedicated resources will work with clients to translate their business definitions into relevant search phrases. Well-chosen keywords are the pivotal part of any search engine internet marketing campaign. The aim is to accurately anticipate the search phrases likely to be used by potential users of your site. Think about what defines your site and also what differentiates it from other sites; what words define your content, your service, its location, potential users, and their interests. We will outline a list of words and phrases that describe our client's product or services and review the sites of leading competitors in your field and pay attention for useful words in the text of their pages.

Using Google Analytics tool, Cerca Marketing Inc. can provide information regarding site traffic, conversion data, funnel-navigation by marketing campaign, sources of traffic, page layout, visitor segmentation and more. To avoid client time inefficiencies going through the overwhelming amount of data accessible online we generate customized reporting providing information specifically of interest to the clients.

Today's major search engines monitor incoming links from other relevant and quality websites as a major role in determining who ranks above whom. We believe that by focusing on quality websites and the proper use of anchor text, incoming links have proven to be extremely effective in generating top rankings.

Advertising on quality, relevant websites and blogs through the use of a text link versus a graphic banner provides a powerful way of generating both click-through traffic and improved search engine rankings. Today, the major search engines look beyond your on-page content and focus primarily on what other websites have to say about your site through the words attached to the links pointing into your website. Text link ads provide freedom to target your specific search terms within the anchor text so that you may improve your rankings for the same words.

Cerca Marketing Inc will work to build natural, one-way links which consist to provide quality, relevant and unique content that will encourage others to link to you without even asking.

We will submit to relevant, niche directories who use real human editors and are known to generate valid back links within the major search engines.
Find out who is linking to your competitors and find out if you can negotiate a way to have a link as well.
Contact relevant and quality websites and blog sites who may be willing to sell or trade a link to your website
Write and publish helpful articles that include a link back to your website.